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measuring your own grave

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“i am the woman who does not know where she wants to be buried anymore. when i was small, i wanted a big angel on my grave with wings like in a Caravaggio painting. Later i found that too pompous. So i thought I’d rather have a cross. then I thinught-a tree. I am the woman who does not know if i want to be buried anymore. if no one goes to graveyards anymore if you won’t visit me there no more i might as well have my ashes in a jam jar and be more mobile. but let’s get back to my exhibition here. i’ve been told that people want to know, why such a somber title for a show? is it about artists and their mmid-life careers, or is it about womens after 50 fears? No, let me make this clear: it is the best definition i can find for what an artist does when making art and how a figure in a painting makes its mark For the type of portratist like me this is as wide as i can see.”